Shiatsu involves non-invasive and intuitive touch combined with highly skilled stretching, mobilisation and fascial release techniques, affecting the body’s physical structures, internal organs, and emotional well being.  

These techniques improve circulation and help release tension and stiffness in the body, your posture can be improved and breathing can be deepened and enhanced; increasing oxygen intake which in turn, boosts energy levels.  

Shiatsu can be used to treat most dis-ease in the body: musculoskeletal; digestive; hormonal; stress related problems; breathing difficulties and allergies.  Shiatsu is also a brilliant tool to support both mother and father during pregnancy, childbirth and post delivery.

Shiatsu's long lasting restorative benefits for the body and mind go beyond the deep relaxation you will feel during the treatment.

In addition to treating in a dedicated room in her own home, Alice treats Shiatsu on Yoga and Qigong retreats in the UK and Europe.

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