Essentially, we are all made up of energy; and it is this energy within our systems that ensures that the blood flows smoothly, allowing nutrients to be effectively distributed to the organs, tissues and cells within our bodies.  This energy is known as Ki, Chi and Qi, depending on what teachings are being referred to, and it is responsible for holding everything together and in place.  

It is through a deep connection with this Ki energy that Shiatsu is able to create possibilities for change, both physical and emotional, within the body.  If there is stagnation then the art of Shiatsu is to shift the stagnation, allowing free flow of Ki and Blood, enabling a healthy and balanced response from the body.

Our bodies are constantly aiming for a condition of homeostasis, or stable equilibrium.  This homeostasis is reliant on the maintenance of a mind-blowing number of interdependent physiological processes working together effectively and harmoniously.  If there is dis-ease in the body there is illness; if there is stagnation within the body it will hinder the flow of blood and energy; if the blood and energy is hindered, the circulation will be poor and the organs, nervous and digestive systems, and tissues will all be affected.  What Shiatsu aims to do is bring the body back into a healthier functioning balance of physiological wellbeing.  

Through gentle palpations along the meridian lines, and using other gentle techniques, Shiatsu is able to communicate with the body and teach it to reach its own healthier levels of homeostasis without invasive measures.  

Shiatsu is a powerful treatment for all areas of dis-ease; from relaxation to long-term and deep-rooted conditions.