From the safe cocoon of Alice’s Shiastsu mat I have found release from migraine, grief and so much more. Shiatsu feels like a combination of effortless yoga, revitalising sleep and deep, deep peace. The migraine headache I had frequently experienced has become almost absent. The grief has softened and no longer causes aching pain. This exceptional practitioner should be recommended to anyone with complex emotional or physical needs. The mat is a warm, safe place to be. To let go. To experience release on every level.
— Alice Jacobs, Stratford-on-Avon
I wish I could come see you so you could sort my troublesome knee out! But alas, Vancouver is a little far away!
— Lou Webster, Banbury
The most amazing therapy available. I have used Oxfordshire Shiatsu very many times both to address specific pains and just for relaxation and have always left feeling so much better. I highly recommend them.
— Dorothee Cape, Tadmarton
It is clear to me that Alice is a confident and adept practitioner of Shiatsu, Alice puts a great deal of effort into meeting the needs of her clients. I would highly recommend Alice and her Shiatsu treatments. She is not only skilled and thorough, with an astounding knowledge of all things nurturing, she is also a really lovely person.
I have been seeing Alice for about 18 months and been really pleased with the way that shiatsu supports, speeds and facilitates not only my physical wellbeing, but also my general personal growth.
The transformation whilst actually on the mat and in the session is delicious! Physical tension melts entirely, and busy “monkey mind” quietens, resulting in a greater mindfulness.
The effects I have noticed include improved lifestyle habits, physical improvements and emotional growth. For example I have resumed a regular meditation discipline, quit smoking, adopted an uber-healthy diet, vastly reduced migraine headaches, managed sciatica, grown in self-belief, become more emotionally “fluid” and; (I don’t know how else to say this) stepped into a more comfortable, and authentic version of “me”. It is my belief that Shiatsu; and Alice in particular, facilitated these nurturing changes.
— Melanie Ayers, Banbury
Good luck Alice Dellow, I wish you were in London.
— Carla Octigan, London
Thank you Alice - your treatments are so therapeutic and have worked wonders on me over the past couple of years on my back, neck, shoulders and entire body... giving me many new leases of life. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for relaxation, stress relief, those wanting to fix any aches and pains,realign creaky bones and those in need of a general MOT! You offer a super 5 star treatment and I have enjoyed being treated at your Banbury and Eau D’ Vie studios and have recommended you to friends, family and colleagues alike! Many thanks and very best wishes.
— Sarah Victoria Williams, Chalgrove
Can’t recommend Alice enough! Truly brilliant.
— Julia Taylor-Mason, Cropredy
A lovely introduction to Shiatsu Alice. Thank you. Your helpful words and focussed treatment feel marvellous!
— Jo Badger, Swalcliffe


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