Shiatsu is a form of bodywork originating in Japan. The principles of Shiatsu however, are rooted in the ancient traditions of oriental medicine and use the same meridian lines and specific points along those meridians.  

Shiatsu involves non-invasive and intuitive touch combined with highly skilled stretching, mobilisation, and fascial release techniques. Because the practitioner works at a very deep level within the body the positive effects of Shiatsu continue to work for up to five days after treatment, affecting the body’s physical structures and internal organs while at the same time allowing the body and mind to assimilate emotions.

Generally the practitioner works on the whole body to help energy flow freely through the entire system; to stimulate the body's own innate ability to rebalance and heal itself. During the treatment you will usually enter into a deep relaxation, this is your body shifting into what is known in Western terms as, the parasympathetic nervous system; a state of complete relaxation and rest. Shiatsu is both a form of physical therapy and a means of greater integration of body, mind and spirit.

A session lasts either an hour, or an hour and a half, and is given with the person fully clothed. It takes place in a calm and comfortable room, on a futon mat on the floor. Following an initial assessment of your health condition, treatment aims will be agreed, so that each session is unique and tailored to individual needs.

At the end of the session you may be given a recommendation or shown an exercise to continue at home, supporting the process to restore and maintain health.